Science Homework Advice: How to Remember Formulas

How do science teachers expect their students to remember all of these formulas? You have a full class load and you’re learning new things every day in all of your classes. Your head is already full of so much - and science formulas just don’t seem to stick. It’s strange though, you seem to remember the lines from your favorite movie, lyrics to hundreds of songs, and the phone numbers of all of your closest friends. You can memorize science formulas too if you try to take a new approach on how to remember them. Here are some tips to help you remember your formulas.


Stress and frustration won’t help you to memorize anything. Formulas aren’t meant to be taken in while you’re stressed. Relax and take a breath.

Keys to Help You Study and Memorize

  • Practice!
  • As they say- practice makes perfect. Well, in this case practice makes it easier to remember. Once you’ve used the formula a few times to solve anequation, start trying to solve problems without looking at the formula in your notes anymore. Try to do this more and more. You’ll find that you won’t need your notes anymore after doing this several times. Repetition, repetition, repetition! It is key to memorization. Think of it this way, you didn’t know the lyrics to your favorite song the first time you heard it, but after listening to it dozens of times, you became a pro.

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  • Don’t Study on an Empty Stomach
  • When you study or try to memorize a formula, you can’t focus at all if you’re hungry. How can you memorize a formula when every five minutes you think about how hungry you are? Make sure to eat when you need to and grab a cup of water. Studying on a full stomach will clear your mind and make memorizing formulas much easier.

  • Have the Formulas With You at All Times
  • Carry around your formulas in a mini notebook in your purse or back pocket, or even in the notes section of your phone! Having the formulas with you to look at whenever you feel you are missing something will help make them stick in your mind. Having them with you could also make it easier to study anytime instead of cramming in all of your formula memorizations the day before a test. This way, you can look at the formula for a few minutes when waiting for your meal at a restaurant, while sitting on the bus, etc. You can study in a worry free environment and make memorization easier.

These tips should make memorization of scientific formulas easy and stress-free.

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