Things To Know About The History Of Homework For Beginners

One of the most controversial topics surrounding schooling today is homework. Some argue that it’s a pointless waste of time that only serves to overwhelm already-stressed children. Others argue that it’s vital to effective schooling and successful living later in life. Whatever your views on the topic, you can surely learn something interesting from this article about the history of homework for beginners.

It didn’t exist for most of our history

For most of recorded human history, there was no such thing as homework. Certainly, for most of this time, there was not much formal education happening either. In many ancient cultures, the vast majority of children learnt a few basic things at home, but spent the rest of their time working. Wealthy families in ancient cultures educated their children more often than poor families, simply because they were wealthy enough to not need their children to work for food or money. But even those children who were educated did not get work to do after lessons. Even after formal education became more widespread through the ages, most children did not get schoolwork to do at home. Teachers only started assigning homework in the late 19th century, and only to older children. Younger children only started getting tasks to complete at home in the early 20th century.

It has always been a controversial issue

It wasn’t long after all children started getting homework that people starting finding issue with it. Over the 20th century various groups called foul about after-school work. For example, there were pediatricians who claimed it was detrimental to children’s health because it prevented them from spending time outside, playing in the sun. Others claimed that it was just a way for teachers to avoid doing their jobs. On the other hand, after-school assignments always had some supporters. For example, many teachers claimed that it was vital for children to do schoolwork after school to enhance their learning. All this controversy continued into the 21st century.

We’re finally learning about the correct balance

Despite the continued controversy about homework, we are finally learning about its real effect on children. There is ongoing research about the optimum type and amount of after-school work to give children to help them thrive at school and in general. For example, we now know that the correct type and amount of after-school work does actually lead to improved grades for children. Despite our growing understanding, homework is still a controversial issue, and, sadly, it will probably remain so for a long time to come.

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