English Homework For 10 Year Olds: 5 Extremely Useful Hints

Children who are 10 years old usually are at the fifth grade which often includes extreme loads of homework, and parents have to remain stressed to have their children studying and leading a happy childhood life. Like certain other areas of study, English is a compulsory subject included in the fifth graders’ curriculum. Since English is more of a language than a particular subject matter, parents need to focus on helping their kids improve their English communication skills. Helping children with their English homework can be a great way to improve their language skills.

Here are five useful tips to help you 10 years old kid to learn English as well as accomplish their homework.

  • Helping children with grammar:
  • While you might have found that your kid is learning more difficult grammatical points for his/her age at school. However, you know how important it is for your kid to learn grammar. So, create a grammar worksheet containing easy-to-understand explanations supported with lots of visually appealing graphical elements. Give your little one to learn only a small amount of grammatical tasks. Make your child learn the elementary parts including parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, singulars and plurals, articles, etc. After these, you can choose to make him/her learn basic sentence pattern and ask to make similar sentences.

  • Helping kids with learning vocabulary:
  • As it is a must to help you kid to become a good reader and writer, vocabulary is the very first item you will want to teach him/her. Start with only the list of most frequently used words, particularly verbs. Compile a list on your own or find a good one from various online sources. Make sure the list of vocabulary contains color illustrations of the actions, objects and components. A child finds interest in learning something that is visual.

  • Helping kids with reading:
  • To get your kid achieving reading skills faster, you can read to him/her making him concentrate on how you pronounce every word. Encourage the kid to speak aloud the sentences or phrases just the way you do.

  • Creating an English speaking environment:
  • It is important to create an interesting first impression of the language. Parents can introduce their children to a completely English speaking culture. Children can gradually adapt with the culture when children are given to understand that they have to use English not just in the class but almost all the time, even when they play, eat, spend family time.

  • Doing some motivational activities:
  • As a concerned guardian, you can let your fifth grader listen to rhymes, songs and stories and play games, all in English. This will appeal your child while building his/her natural sense of understanding.

Finally, you should set your kid a regular schedule which he/she has to follow to complete each day’s English homework and stay focused on inspiring your kid to use English as much as possible.

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