How To Survive Under An Avalanche Of Homework Assignments? - Planning Tips From Experts

Homework is a regular part of the academic career of all students. Everybody goes through it and they should accept the fact that it is a mandatory thing and they literally don’t have any other choice to escape from the task. There are at times when students get severely under pressure because all of a sudden their school bag goes heavy with a number of homework assignments. It happens with every student sometimes sooner or later. They must accept the challenge and should find out ways for finishing it in time. The tight deadlines do create a lot of pressure, but don’t get carried away with it. Take a deep breath and just start doing the task from one end. In such situations it is better to give some time for planning. But, make sure that you don’t take too much of time in planning as you already have very limited time for doing your work. Planning should take just 5 to10 minutes in which you have to decide which work to do when and how to better utilize your time. If you are good at time keeping skills, then surely things will be a much easier for you. You just keep one thing in mind that home task is very important for you and you have no option to avoid. Further, a lot of encouragement comes for the student when they realize that the lengthier homework tasks don’t come every day. It is just one bad day, which they have to deal with. Motivation is a very important factor and the students should look to self motivate themselves in order to make the task look easier.

Expert tips for handling lengthier homework tasks:

Internet is full of so many tips and suggestions which can help you a lot in finishing your task with ease. We have made a well researched list of the top planning tips, which will give you a great helping hand in managing your large chunk of homework in the limited available time:

Focus just on your work. Apart from your meal and breathing, you should forget everything for this particular day. Sacrifice all your outdoor commitments, videogames and all types of leisure activities.

Try to compose your thought when you are returning home from school. That is the time when you should do all the planning and should also concentrate on your task only. Utilize this time to SMS all your friends that you wouldn’t be able to participate in any activity today due to some urgent commitment.

Have your meal and then try to find the quietest corner in your house. If you live in sharing, then don’t sit there as you wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Make sure that there is no distraction such as TV or video game in your room. Also switch off your mobile which is very important.

Now analyze your tasks and figure out that which is the toughest/ longest and which are simpler. Write down all your tasks on a paper.

Begin with the most crucial and lengthier task. As you get done with it, tick it on your checklist that you are finished with that particular work. Then pick the next tough task and then go accordingly.

As it will be a long day so make sure that you take regular breaks of 5 minutes after every hour. Keep a bottle of water with you and drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. It is a tried and tested strategy which will surely work.

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