Dealing With Online Homework Help Websites: How To Avoid Fraud

It may be hard to believe just how many fraudulent homework helping websites are online. But just because there are plenty, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a trustworthy site. In fact, there are many of those too. It’s possible to find a quality company that will help you with your school assignments at a very reasonable fee.

So how can you tell a scam website from a trustworthy one? The scams of course, just want to get your money. They offer very little in return. You either get low quality assistance or none at all. You need to know some tips on how to spot those so you can avoid them.

How to identify a fake homework helping site

  1. The deals they promise are too good to be true
  2. If everything is being offered at free or dirt cheap prices, you should watch out. It could be they are trying to hook you into a bigger purchase or they will deliver something that isn’t worth your time. Either way would be a rip-off.

  3. You can’t find 3rd party feedback
  4. Since you can’t really trust reviews that are posted on the website, you must look for these in other places. For example, social media sites. Or forums where students gather to chat. Read the reviews and see if other customers have enjoyed the service at If not, stay away.

  5. The website has an outdated look
  6. They should be able to keep their site looking fresh. This includes perfect grammar and English as well. When the content looks like it’s been spun or written by someone who didn’t have English as their native language, it should be a red flag not to hire that company.

  7. The company is unknown
  8. If no one has ever heard of them before, or you can’t get any answer from customer service, these are signs you can’t trust their authenticity.

You can look on campus for assistance with your assignments and school projects. Often there are study groups or tutoring groups you can go to. If this doesn’t work out for you, then search online for a company you can trust. The advantage to doing it online is that you can get assistance any time of the day or not. It is available 24/7 for your convenience. You can usually request the same helper for future assignments.

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