5 vital tips for getting physics homework answers

If you are struggling with your physics or you just want to see if the answers that you have are correct, you can try to verify your homework answers through a variety of sources.

  1. Check the back of your textbook. Many textbooks offer an answer section so that students can check their work on the honor system when they are complete. This might enable you to see where you may have made mistakes in your processes, or what formula you just couldn’t remember. You can also check on the publishers website. Sometimes the answers may not be listed in the back of the book, but the publisher might have them on their site. You can use reference numbers from your book to log in and see what answers you can find.
  2. If that does not lead to fruition you can ask classmates. If you are part of a study group, or you create a study group you can ask to go over the answers to check your work and make sure you did the correct calculations and processes. If you did not, you want to know quickly so that you can correct yourself.
  3. Review the text in your book. There might have been something you missed in the course of the chapter. Look over your course notes and see if anything included there is helpful. You may surprise yourself with a second review.
  4. Another option is to look online. When you look online you must practice some discretion. You need to take into account the author of the pages you are viewing, whether or not they are an educational site, and whether the site has been updated recently. A site that hasn’t been recently updated may not have current information or any real support. A newer site or one which is updated and viewed regularly will have great physics homework help features. Some of these websites offer videos posted online which you can review. These videos act as nice tutorials and can show you information about any topic.
  5. Ask your teacher if they can check your work. Before you submit the homework, ask them to check over your work to see if you did things correctly or not. Some teachers will only point out if a question is not answered correctly and then leave it up to you to figure out why and how.

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