Solving Your Math Homework With Help of Online Resources

When you have trouble with math, it’s always an option to ask your teacher, your classmates, or someone else for an explanation, or help. The students nowadays have access to limitless web resources as well. Online tutors, theory, training and educational videos, textbooks and loads of examples. There’s another thing - automatic problem solvers that provide the right answer after you enter the problem and press the return key. At least half of the students prefer that option. Is that a good way to learn math, though? Isn’t that cheating?

Well, with math it’s a little different than with humanitarian sciences, since a lot of calculation can be involved here. Depending on your goal and what your teacher says, you can make the right decision as to whether or not to use online resources and problem solvers to do your math homework. First of all, be careful and not take guidance from an incompetent source.

If you’re an early middle-schooler who’s just started math and is learning to solve simple problems, then by all means, please do it yourself. If you encounter difficulties, you can always ask somebody to help you. However, by making all the calculations yourself, you are acquiring skills, doing productive work, which is increasing your intellectual capabilities, your memory and logic.

All those things are extremely good for every person to have and develop at all times: they are useful in lots of different life tasks and problems, which you will be able to solve quicker and more efficiently. Training in calculus is very good for you no matter what; it keeps your brain in good shape, just like physical training keeps you in good physical shape.

You could still, however, use all the online resources that explain the material in different ways and examples, so that you can better understand the subject and feel more confident about the topic. You can use online tutors that explain how to solve a particular kind of problem, which is very useful and convenient, because they teach you how to do it yourself. There are also videos where professors or students explain your problem or your topic vocally and visually, which might be easier to perceive and process, than just plain text.

In case you’re studying more advanced math already, that does not concentrate on calculations as much as on logic and abstract concepts, calculation might get tedious sometimes. For some sections of mathematics, all the table values are just impossible to memorize, so instead of searching for a required column in a large table, you could just solve it online, which is just a tribute to modern technology and the quickness it provides.

So the short answer would be: go ahead and use all the online resources you can find. But always consider your objective and whether having all your problems solved for you is going to be useful in the long run.

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