Online Homework Help: 5 Features of a Reliable Writing Resource

In order to use a reliable writing resource such as a tutor you need to make sure you look for positive features.

Getting a good tutor can play an important role in ensuring that the student becomes successful. Many colleges usually offer tutoring or academic support in many ways. For instance, they offer this support in form of using a peer educator. A peer tutor is someone who is of the similar age to the student and who is given a chance to teach them. The benefit of having a student teach another student is that they will develop one another. However, the challenge is when a student thinks that their child is spending time with the wrong company. They are worried that the tutoring that they offer is not up to standard.

It is important to note that even though professional tutoring is usually better than peer tutoring, there are many advantages of using a peer educator. The tutor is usually doing this work to make money. On the other hand, the peer educator is usually not concerned with money but with professional experience and expertise. Another advantage with using a peer trainer is that the students will have the freedom of interacting with the tutor from the word go. He will ask questions and interact very well with the tutor. On the other hand, many students have a problem interacting with senior professional tutors. They see them as being very strict and unfriendly which is usually not the case. Many peer trainers are usually very experienced and trained.

Below are some of the main advantages of working with a student or a peer tutor.

  1. Peer tutors have in the past had similar experiences in the past and understand the facts inside out. They understand the experiences and the challenges that the student go through in achieving success. They therefore help the student address the challenges.
  2. They can easily connect with the students.
  3. They are known to serve as mentors or role models to the students. They challenge them to make it since they also made it in the past.
  4. When working together, students and the peer students usually is less anxious. This means that the student can be open to ask any questions because the peer tutor is not all that serious and strict.
  5. This will help the student understand the skills and apply them in real life.

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