Should homework be given in school?

A lot of kids think that they should not have to go to school for eight hours every day just to come home and do more school work for every subject. A lot of kids feel this way. They think that whatever they need to be taught should be taught in school during school hours and no more work should be given. Many disagree with this opinion though. Some people realize the importance of doing homework. There are reasons for its existence and they are pretty good ones.

Why have homework?

  • It keeps your mind stimulated
  • It reminds you what you learned and how to do it
  • It helps you to learn more than they can fit in one school day

It stimulates the mind

Homework helps to keep your mind working even when you are not in school. The brain is just like a giant muscle. If you don’t keep using it, than it cannot grow to be strong and work well. It takes a lot of brain stimulation to make it possible to learn everything you need to know each school year. Homework helps you to work out your brain and keep it working properly.

It is a reminder

Homework is a great reminder of what you learned at school that day in each subject. A lot of times the things you learn tomorrow are built on what you learned today and the day before. If you do not remember it or get good at it with practice than when you move on to the next thing you are likely to be lost in the shuffle. Doing homework is a little reminder of the day’s work.

They can only fit so much in a day

Teachers have a limited amount of time each day to teach you what you have to know. Homework allows them to keep teaching you how to do things even after you leave their class. They don’t have the time to keep going over the same thing again and again so homework allows you to go over it on your own time in order to learn better.

Sometimes homework is practice, sometimes it is leftovers and other times it is just good for you, but either way, it is necessary. We need homework in our schools in order to keep children and young adults sharp and ready for the next day’s work. Without homework you would probably be lost the next day and less able to learn new information in the long run.

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