10 Good Reasons Why Homework Should Not Be Banned


It is a highly controversial topic. It has been under debate for decades. Different people have their different opinions about its advantages and disadvantages.

The school of thought that are against giving homework believes that

  • It affects the family time as it puts unnecessary stress on students. Pressure of completing the task in time is very stressful for students. It reduces the quality time that can be spent with their families.
  • Cheating is a crime. It might result in developing cheating habits in students. When they will not be able of coping the workload, they might cheat it from their fellows or from somewhere else.
  • Teacher due to lesson planning load might fail to grade all assignments fairly.
  • Parents are not able of understanding the new concepts or methodologies.
  • Students never learn new things. Policies and strategies should be revised.

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The advantages of do my homework for me services are listed below:

  1. Class room environment is not suitable for all students. Some feel reluctant and prefer to work in more comfortable environment. Productivity increases in relaxed environment.
  2. It gives parents a chance of knowing what is happening in the class work.
  3. It creates a bond between parents and students to interact. Now a day, they are only interacted through social media sites.
  4. Before class or even after class, students interact with their teachers.
  5. It allows students to practice more. This way, they get prepared for the class tests.
  6. Parents give quality time to their kids
  7. Parents also learn new things
  8. It makes students more punctual
  9. It helps in making them more responsible
  10. When students sit at night, they recall the class work and the work from missed classes as well.
  11. Some students try to impress their teachers and they do their home assignments more neatly. It helps in increasing presentation skills
  12. It is a good idea as it lets the dumb students revise their work and participate in next morning.
  13. Some institutions offer rewards to those students who repetitively win assignments. To achieve good grades and rewards students put their efforts beyond their limits.
  14. It gives confidence and chance for students to learn something on their own capabilities.
  15. If it was no homework given, almost every student would have forgotten what they studied in the class room.

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