A Few Tricks to Help You Do College Homework Efficiently

The rule of thumb for teachers and assigning homework is to usually give 2-3 assignments a week that take 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Most schools do not regulate what days teachers in different subjects assign homework. So, if you currently take six classes, you could end up with 4-6 hours of homework on any given night. Making sure you know tricks to finishing homework quickly and correctly will help you on those crazy busy days when you have practice, church meetings, family duties, and several hours of homework assignments.


  • Have a dedicated work space: you won’t have to move your things, no one will mess with your work, and assignments that are on-going will not have to be moved to make space for dinner or such
  • Location: if you are easily distracted by noise, work in a quiet and isolated spot
  • Computers and electronics: some people are distracted by too many electronics and find themselves on a social media site rather than in the middle of math; be smart with the electronics you place in your work area
  • Wall calendar: use a large wall or desk calendar and write down everything you have due
  • Planner: use a planner at school for assignments (you can move them to your wall calendar when you get home)
  • Small bites: break up large assignments into small sets of work time for effectiveness
  • Prioritize: some times you can not do all the work, you simply cannot, when that happens do the assignments that re most important and do the assignments in the subjects where you have lower grades
  • Folders: make an organization system that works with you and that you understand, if you end up with misplaced or missing work-then re-evaluate your system
  • Down time: use your down time to the maximum, you can read on the bus and do math at the end of lunch time in an effort to do a few assignments before you get home

Being a well-rounded student can be difficult with a busy schedule. And completing several hours of homework on an all ready busy night can be hard to do. Use these homework tips to help you get a handle on your homework assignments. Once you develop a system for efficiently handling homework, you will breath a sigh of relief and your grades will improve!

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