Homework Causes Stress: Is That True?

Homework can definitely be stressful to complete. It does beg the question however, is it the homework that causes the stress or do other unresolved and related factors lead to the stress that we experience when trying to complete homework, Consider following:

  • Poorly Managed Time
  • A homework assignment can be extremely interesting and may even get you excited about the subject but if you postpone it long enough, it can fill you with dread. Each time you think of being unable to complete it due to procrastination, it stresses you out just a tiny bit more. Look into better time management techniques such as having daily reminders on your phone or doing your homework at the same time each day with other people who are just as interested in completing assignments as you are.

  • Too many courses
  • Sometimes we want to do well academically with such intensity that we overestimate how much we can take on at once. Ambition is a great thing but trying to do 48 hours worth of work in 12 hours will lead to burnout, particularly if this happens often enough. When you decide what subjects you want to take, bear in mind the relative amounts of time they each require and honestly ask yourself if you can do it. Use a calculator if necessary so you can be absolutely certain that the time required for each class per week never approaches 168 hours altogether.

  • Too many extra activities
  • Living a life that is devoted entirely to school work is a bad idea. Adding too many extra curricular activities can be just as bad or worse. They may foster team spirit or allow you to engage in charity but if they make you lose sleep, miss classes and dread homework, you may need to cut back.

  • Poorly chosen courses
  • Sometimes the reason homework is stressful is that the subject is distasteful or just boring to you. Devoting time to these types of classes will be necessary at times but if you can choose, pick things that inspire you to learn. If a course you dislike is unavoidable, try to find ways to link it to others you find more palatable.

One of the funny things about stress is that it can be negative or positive. By changing how you look at stress it can begin to be a motivator that helps you accomplish more.

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