Where to Find a Free Homework Calendar Template

One of the most important items a full time (or part time) student can have is a homework calendar. This helps them keep track of all assignments that are due, when they are due, and which class they are for. A homework calendar can be a traditional wall calendar or a pocket calendar. It can also be an online calendar, digital calendar, or a designed and printed calendar. With the help of such calender you can easy track and do your homework in school and college. There are all different ways to create a homework calendar. Thankfully, there are plenty of templates and programs available online (free) to help any student get started making their own.

Word Programs

Many word programs like Microsoft Word come with many pre-installed templates. Simply open a new document and use the search feature to look for “homework calendar” and there you go. If that specific template is not pre-installed, it is very likely that it is available from the online store for that program. These add-ons are generally free, but even the ones that are not carry only a minimal fee (generally $2 or less). If you can find a template for your word processor, it I time to look elsewhere.

Searching Online

It is very easy to find free, online templates and even free calendars. All you have to do is pull up your favorite search engine and type in “free homework calendar template” or “free homework calendar”. A whole host of options will immediately pop up. Some of the best ones are mojosavings.com and freeprintablebehaviorcharts.com. There are of course others that are equally nice, but be cautious because many are grade or school level specific.

Make your Own

If you still have not found a suitable homework calendar or template, it is time to consider making your own. This is a fairly simple process. Pull up your word processing program such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Word Pad. Start a new document and use a bold header for the title. Then go to “insert” and choose the “table” function. The table can then be modified however you would like it by changing the dimensions of each section, the amount of boxes, the overall size, and anything else that needs to be changed. Then fill in the first left side column with the names of the days of the week. Use the first top row to fill in the names of your various classes. Then decorate the document with whatever you like. These can be made every week or extend them to include a whole month each.

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