The resources for Math answers on the Internet are vast. Putting the word “Algebra” into the search engine could produce a great yield. An even greater yield could be elicited by putting a variety of terms into the search engine along with the word “Algebra” modifying the meaning of the search to yield several different varieties of results. Searches could include, College Algebra; Matrix Algebra; The Definition of Algebra; How to do Basic Algebra; Algebra Homework Help; Algebra Solvers; Free Math Tutor; Practical Algebra Lessons-Purplemath, and many other topics as suggested by the student’s acumen in Algebra.

As the student reviews, reads, and studies the textbooks assigned by the Instructor, he should be able to glean certain key words and phrases which could suggest additional terms to put into the search engines. There are several search engines available, which the student may explore for answers to his homework on the Internet.

Answers found on the Internet may explain the methodology of solving problems. A formula may be given and formulae may be presented in the example of the problems being solved.

Some problem examples are explained below. The problem is given, the formula is given, and the resolution of the problem is given, along with the solution.

  • Converting Decimals Into Fractions

  • 4.54 is the Decimal

    4 is the Integer

    .54 is the fractional

    4.54 would be represented by 4 as a whole number and .54 as 54/100 based on the two positions of the decimal point

    The fraction would look like 4  54/100

  • Converting Story Problems Into Fractions

    • It takes Ann 3 days to clean the house.

    • It takes Lydia 6 days to clean the house

      How long will it take for the house to be cleaned with the two women working together?

      ½  +1/6=2/6+1/6=1/2

      The solution tells us that 1/2 the house can be cleaned in one day.

      It will take 2 days to clean the house with the two women working together.

    • Mom and Joanna can paint the living room in 15 days

    • Celia and Melanie can paint the living room in 10 days

      How long will it take for the living room to be painted if Mom, Joanna, Celia, and Melanie work together on the project?

      1/15 +1/10=2/30+3/30=5/30=1/6

      The family can paint 1/6 of the room in one day.

      It will take 6 days to paint the room.

These types of example problems can be found on the Internet. The examples given above were basic problems. The basic to the complex problem examples can be found on the Internet with the explanations and the  answers, when the student uses different search terms and different search engines. If the student learns to conduct a proper search along the lines given above, the writer feels confident that the student can find the answers for which he is searching with his Algebra homework.

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