Algebra Homework Help: Necessary Tips for Beginners

Algebra books will give you a number of sample problems at the beginning of each section or lesson to help you through your assignment. However, they often don’t provide enough similar problems to you fully understand the process. So here are some algebra tips for beginners to better understand their homework assignments:

  • Study actively: It’s not enough to just work on a problem, you should draw diagrams of the process or make up little stories to go along with them. If you are an auditory learner you may want to record yourself reading some of your notes aloud. The practice helps you recall the most important concepts more easily since your mind will have an easier time thinking of something you have said and heard yourself.

  • Read actively: Use sticky notes or sticky flags to bookmark important concepts in your textbook or the things you need to ask your instructor in class. If you have a sample question that you have been working on but don’t understand, you can request to get additional similar questions. Also try reading your lessons ahead of class and write down some questions beforehand.

  • Buy used textbooks: Sometimes you might have difficulty learning a concept because the explanation may be a little confusing and not written in a way that’s easy for you to understand. This is why it’s a good idea to have an alternate textbook that gives different explanations and more sample problems to work on. Since algebra concepts are the same across generations, old textbooks you may find at yard sales or library sales are inexpensive and can be quite helpful.

  • Make flashcards for terms: This tried and true method is great for tactile and visual learners. Flashcards reinforce information as you envision it and re-create the concepts in your own handwriting. Flashcards can also be easily carried and reviewed throughout your day.

  • Use college test guides: If you can’t find an old algebra textbook to supplement your regular textbook and lessons, try using ACT, CLEP or SAT study guides. These are great ways to review concepts because they provide great explanations and sample problems.

  • Record your lectures: Ask your algebra instructor if you can bring a small recorder to class. You might find that you often miss small steps in your handwritten notes or you don’t entirely pick up on an explanation that your instructor gives. Auditory learners will have an easier time learning from the class lessons.

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