How long should you struggle on your own with English homework before asking for help?

Students should never feel as though they have to struggle on their own with English homework. There is no set amount of time that students have to endure suffering and a lack of understanding before they can ask for help.

In fact the sooner you ask for help with your English homework the faster your grades and comprehension can improve. Many students benefit from getting help before they need it. Asking ahead of time to help reinforce concepts learning in English is really the best way to ensure proper and thorough understanding.

The longer you wait to get help the more concepts you will have missed and the further behind you will have fallen in class. It is important not to let your grades suffer just because you missed a key concept.

Students will find that they actually have a great number of resources available when they need help with homework. Students can turn to:

  • Teachers. Many teachers have office hours or will arrange for extra help after school if you are struggling with a concept
  • Classmates. Studying with classmates helps to reinforce the concepts that are learned in class and can help a student pick up on a note or two they may have missed during class.
  • Tutoring. Tutoring offers a multitude of benefits whether it is in groups or individualized.
  • Online homework help. Students can find a vast number of resources both free and for a fee online that offer homework help including lessons on the concepts learned in class and help with homework answers

Tutoring from students and qualified professionals online can be taken confidentially when your schedule permits. You can choose the meet times and the location. Some tutoring programs have a facility where you can meet with your tutor, or the option of at-home or at-school tutoring. The best part is that many academic institutions offer tutoring for free in all core subjects.

So why use tutoring programs?

Because tutoring has been statistically proven to increase class performance after only a handful of individual sessions. It also improves your grade by between one half and two whole letter grade, contingent upon whether you take group tutoring or individual tutoring. You can teach your peers concepts that you recently learned which will reinforce the learning. You can better understand concepts by explaining a concept and improve your recall when you explain a process. Tutoring also builds a community that lends itself to the creation of long lasting success academically and friendships professionally.

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